Steroids in the Baseball Hall of Fame

When it comes to players who have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs being considered for the Hall of Fame, there is many factors that go into it. I think that the fact that Major League Baseball was so far behind in the testing process for PED’s that some of the blame lies on them. I do believe that players who have had a positive test should be allowed in the Hall of Fame and a whole career should not be tarnished because of a positive test. Some Hall of Fame voters are convinced that the period known as the steroid era should be used against certain players. The fact that the MLB started its strict testing so late, there was a strong chance that players who played in the steroid era used and did not get caught. For example, an article on USA Today Ted Berg says, “Some voters have said, quite reasonably, that they will vote for players from baseball’s so-called Steroid Era but not those who have been found guilty of cheating”. I think this definitely makes sense, but there is such a gray area that they have no idea who actually used and who just got caught. The Hall of Fame is in place to honor great players and those that were able to do something special during their career. In an article on bleacher report by Nick Caso, he details and makes a case for Barry Bonds being inducted. He states that Bonds was a hall of famer before the steroids and this is probably true because he was the first player ever with 400 home runs and 400 stolen bases. I think that baseball is trying to use certain players as an example and to prove a point, but most of the responsibility lies on them in the first place and now they are trying to save face.


4 reasons the Baseball Hall of Fame should include steroids users




3 thoughts on “Steroids in the Baseball Hall of Fame”

  1. Me and you are on the same page JP. I believe that certain players should be let in even if they tested positive. Regardless of their mistakes they made made MLB history and deserve to be remembered for their accomplishments.


  2. JP-
    I can agree with you that there were players before drug testing and PED use was illegal probably using them. I agree that Barry Bonds was a HOF candidate before he started using steroids, but to me the fact that he used them in the first place is enough to keep him out of it. I love Barry among a lot of others. Especially Sammy, however I can understand as to why the committee might see a problem with electing them. The hall of fame in today’s era should be held to a higher standard than those of held in the past. We live in a different time than we did thirty years ago and because of that a high standard for athletes needs to be held.


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