Should the NBA and NFL control when an athlete can turn Pro?

The idea that the NBA and the NFL have control as to when an athlete can choose to pursue a professional career is one that does not make much sense. I think that the decision should be up to the individual and when someone is 18 years old they are able to decide what they want to do with their life. I believe that especially in the NBA where athletes are forced to wait until one year after high school to turn pro, that the rule is only put in place to protect NBA teams. The idea that kids are gaining the needed experience or maturity in that one year is just a cover up and a disguise for the NBA to basically use a free minor league system to evaluate a player. The main argument is that a kid is not emotionally or mentally ready for the NBA out of high school, but how much difference is a year actually going to make? I do not think it helps players and in turn also hurts colleges because you have players that do not want to be there feeling like they are forced to play for a year. I think that going to college even for football players to force them to stay there for three years is useless. If an athlete is ready after one or two he should be able to go. Most of these kids are not finishing their degrees even if they do stay for three years. An article on out kick the coverage brought up the point that only 4.3% of baseball players have a college degree. I think that the idea that pro leagues place a value on education is fake and put out there to try to protect their brand in society.


One thought on “Should the NBA and NFL control when an athlete can turn Pro?”

  1. Jordan,

    I can see where you are coming from in your response. With that being said I have to say that while most pro athlete’s do not have a degree they should still plan on staying or being in college for a minimum of 2 years. You touched on maturity and while that may be a part of it, a big factor is on work ethic as well. For a lot of these guys wanting to go high school to pro they feel they are the big man on campus in high school. When they get to the NBA they are shell-shocked to find out they are on the bottom of the list. Maturity is huge. Pro sports take the most dedication compared to another job. Someone age 21 compared to someone age 18 is going to know what it’s like to earn something everyday because of that degree they earned compared to someone that hasn’t, someone that quit to leave early.


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