What Sport should CSC add?

I think that Chadron State College should add women’s soccer. Soccer is not very expensive to add and the team would be small so scholarships would not hurt the school athletic budget. Soccer is a sport that many people enjoy watching and would bring more fans to the Chadron State athletic program. The scholarships that soccer gives out are not full and only cover about 10 players and they are not all full rides. This would make recruiting people to Chadron difficult but according NCAA.org the partial schoalrship model actually can generate revenue for the school and they did a study that showed adding women’s soccer in particular increases ethnic and geographic diversity among students. I think this can play a big role in adding money to the school, but also bringing more interest to the college and people will want to come.

The fact that soccer is an outdoor sport is important, because right now Chadron only has football and softball as the two sports, with one being in the fall and one in the spring. Adding soccer could help interest a wider viewing audience and I believe that interest from the community is there. Chadron currently has more women’s teams than men, but the amount of men athletes is greater than the amount of women.



2 thoughts on “What Sport should CSC add?”

  1. If they have football which is one of the roughest sports why not have soccer, its a sport a lot of people enjoy. If you are against this sport then simply don’t play it and let others enjoy this physical sport as all of them are, best wishes.!!!


  2. JP, I really like your idea. I didn’t know that even with school giving partial scholarships it could still bring in revenue for the whole college. I also think that adding another outdoor sport would be a great idea! It would give us as fans another game to watch and enjoy sitting outside.


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